Tensorflow Robot

Photography by Filip Wolak


T-Bot aims to be the worlds smallest artificial intelligence robot. We want to make T-Bot accessible to everyone by making it affordable and easy to learn about artificial intelligence.

Currently T-Bot drives around autonomously and observes its environment via its camera. When it sees something it recognizes, it will talk through its speaker and tell us what it sees. T-Bot uses Tensorflow, Google’s open source deep learning engine trained on ImageNet along with other datasets. ImageNet consists of 15 million images of various categories.

We plan to further develop T-Bot. We envision better speech synthesization and additional features such as facial recognition, motion detection and increased mobility. We may consider making TBot easy to integrate into any robotic device, such that it can be used as a component for a drone or similar.

This project was in collaboration with Jason Toy

Source Code


Raspberry Pi 3, AdaFruit Motor DC board, Sonars, Raspberry Pi Camera, Lithium battery pack, Chassis robot, Tensorflow, Imagenet