Open Playground


Open Playground aims to be the worlds best and only collaboration platform for the next generation, to inspire a future of technology innovation. Open Playground is a children’s ed-tech company, founded in early 2015 after witnessing the struggles of teaching children to program.

The Problem

The UK is facing a crisis; we have a technical and engineering skill shortage. There are not enough programmers to fulfil demand. We must ensure the next generation has the right skills for a technology driven future. The internet is not built for children. We lack websites suitable for inspiring and educating children. We must build websites to enable the next generation to learn and share their knowledge. We must allow them to interact with their work with the sense of accomplishment and share with one another. Work should not sit dormant on a computer desktop. It should be exhibited and shared.

The Solution

Open Playground aims to handle this problem through a single collaborative platform. It allows kids to easily upload project files. They are then able interact easily using the browser and work in teams whilst all being online. Key to Open Playground is safety and we aim to create a safe and welcoming community.