Interactive Realtime Barcharts

Work in Progress


Right now, we regularly see data visualisation in the 2D space. But we miss the tactility that the 3D world has to offer. Here I'm looking at what techniques we can use to represent realtime data, for example how we can use Origami springs which can compress and decompress regularly to represent the data changes.

Photography by Ruby Childs and Filip Wolak


For a long time, I've been interested in data visualization through using D3.js, HighCharts, Google Charts and Tableau. But so far, when we think of visualisation it's often in a 2D space. We can add forms of interaction through touch screens, but even then we lose the tactility of data. Our world is now flooded by more data, more recording and lacks tangibility. This project aims to add tangibility to data.

This project initially started out, by considering whether we can have morphable objects in response to data (such as soft robotics). I decided to begin by simplfying this issue down to moveable barcharts and whether there is a way of seeing them change in response to real time data.

This is a work in progress project and I'm currently exploring three initial ideas:

  • Spring Origami is a great concept, as it allows a great degree of responsiveness in compression and expansion to change the levelling of bars. There will be a winch which acts as the pulling mechanism to allow for compressiona and expansion. See images for further information.
  • Pneaumatic robot motors to respond to increase in volume of air for compression and expansion within bars.
  • LED bars: this is a more static bar concept with addressable LED's per bar, lighting up in response to data changes

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