Bridget Riley


This project aimed to bring Bridget Riley's work into the digital space. Her work lends well to processing due to the primitative use of lines and shapes.


From a young age, I've found Bridget Riley's work inspiring and influential to my own. Riley's work was pivotal to the 60's Op Art fashion era, where her designs impacted Mary Quants use of Black and White along with a high degree of simplicity with the use of primative shapes and lines. She focused on black and white optical illusions, and eventually moved onto colour. The eye tends to bounce around her work, as there often isn't a central point of focus.

Optical illusions are still very much used today. I felt it would be great if we can add a further dimension to Riley's work. Using Processing, I took a selection of these works and recreated them. I then added a further dimension to each, such as movement or user interactivity.

Source Code