Hacking an Ultimaker into a 3D Food Printer

Work in Progress


Here I was exploring how we convert a 3D Ultimaker printer into a food printer to bring cullinary delights to all.


3D printing makes a 3D solid object from a digital model, through adding layers of material, such as PLA. As a result 3D printing allows us to prototype objects more easily. This has been a growing technology in a variety of areas such as fashion, robotics, design and construction.

Within this project, I wanted to look at how we can bring 3D printing into the kitchen for cullinary delights for all. It allows pastry chefs and similar, to create even more intrinsic food designs, so they become art in their own right.

This project allowed me to learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct an Ultimaker, allowing me to understand its inner workings. With the temperature gauge, you can alter the machine so it handles food, rather than burning. I removed the head of the printer, being the extruder and used a Bocusini printer head which allowed for food.