Ruby Childs is an avid pattern lover, artist and data scientist currently based in London, often in New York. She has a great interest in how Art can be combined with Machine Learning techniques to push human creativity forward so it becomes a partner, rather than a threat to traditional art processes. Ruby spends a lot of time on physical art processes such as dyeing, printmaking and ebru.

Ruby appreciate's things of beauty, producing textile designs whenever possible. Dabbling in screen printing, colographs and etchings. Predominately focused on the world of Geometric design. Artistic influences include Matisse and Bridget Riley.

Co-organise's Hack&&Tell London and PyData London. I love organizing these to meet like-minded people and to learn from others.

In the rest of my spare time, you can find me watching design and hacker focused programmes like Grand Designs, reading non-fiction, speaking and discussing Equality and Feminism and learning about design. I would also describe myself as being a passionate learner, chasing knowledge about anything that interests me. Travelling plays a key part of my life and my bucket list is endless.


Over the past year, she's worked as Freelance Data Scientist, with experience in recommendation systems, proof of concept projects, BI transformations and natural language processing. She became involved in Data Science after completing a MSc Computing at Imperial College of London and a BSc in Mathematics.

Currently works with startups to provide advisory services such as helping with feature definition according to user need and the development of their technology stack and team. If you a Data Scientist for some great data insights or would love to discuss your company, feel free to contact Ruby on the email link at the bottom of this page.